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Welcome to Professional FOREX Trading Group Support.

Here we hope to answer any questions you may have about any of the materials supplied through our website. On this page we have included a few Frequently Asked Questions and answers that may give you the information you seek.  You may also ask questions via the Contact Us form below.

If you have a site issue or a technical problem, please fill out the form below with specific details including a thorough explanation of the situation and, if available, a screenshot of the error. We will work to respond to you as soon as possible.


If you wish to schedule an appointment with Dedrick Edwards, PFTG’s CEO & Master Educator, please click here to contact us and schedule a time to speak with him directly. 


Thank you!



Are there any additional costs after I join?

  • Outside of the monthly membership fee or one-time lifetime membership fee there are no additional payments. You trade with your own money when you are ready.

Is this network marketing?

  • PFTG is not affiliated with network marketing.


How does PFTG teach Forex?

  • PFTG teaches Forex through a series of pre-recorded videos ranging from basic Forex through expert level techniques and strategies.

How long does it takes to learn Forex trading with PFTG?

  • The time it takes varies by student.  Students are encouraged to watch the videos and learn the content at their own pace and begin live trading when they are ready.

How long before I start seeing profits?

  • Everyone is different. Some members make money is as little as a few weeks, some may take months. You determine your comfort level and decide when to start live trading.

Can I trade and keep my regular job?

  • Yes!  You can trade around your work schedule. If you work during the day, you can trade at night. If you work at night, you can trade during the day. It is also possible to grow your account to the point where trading is your main source of income.


I just joined.  Where do I start learning?

  • Click on 'Members' link in the menu ribbon to access the video academy.  You will begin learning in video 1 under Freshmen Year.

How do I know when I’m ready to trade live?

  • When you have traded successfully in a demo account using the same strategy for 3 weeks consecutively.

What is the best browser to use for

  • Google Chrome

Can I use my cell phone to login and view the site's content?

  • Yes

Can I use the PUX Sun Indicator on my cell phone?

  • The PUX Sun is only for use on your desktop or laptop MT4.  You can use TeamViewer to access your laptop/desktop from your cell phone as a workaround.

I purchased a Lifetime membership, but I no longer have access to the Member Lounge.  How do I regain access?

  • Please submit a request via Contact Us to re-establish your account access.  Be sure to include your current email address so your account can be properly linked.




Thank you! Your message has been sent. You will be contacted soon!

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